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How to decorate your Porch
( Decorate covered deck with Cedar Flower Boxes )



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  Building Steps
  1: Determine size and Cut the pieces
  2: Assemble the wood Pieces
  3: Finishing and attaching to railings
  4: Decorate Deck or Patio with Flower Boxes
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Gardening in Containers - Build flower box for cheap


Decorate with Flower Box
( Porch Deck and Balcony )


Deck and balcony landscaping:

Waterfalls petunias at the beginning of summer.



Deck landscape - Decorating with flower boxes over railings

Flower box Idea

( How to build it )

Deck and balcony landscaping:


Decorate the balcony with annual always gives a rustic look to a design.


Flowered Porch - Flowered deck - Landscape deck idea

Lattice Flower Boxes
( Woodworking Project )

Deck and balcony landscaping:

Many window boxes attached to the railing of the ancestral gallery with Victorian decorative elements.


Country House models - Country house pictures - House in the prairie

Landscaping Design
( Homesteading Idea )

Deck and balcony landscaping:

The flowers are already overflowing flower boxes. Watering is easy to do from the deck.



Beginning of the project

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Update 01/15/18