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Build a wooden Window Box - Container gardening Ideas
( Do It Yourself a Flower-Pot Holder )



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  Building Steps
  1: Determine size and Cut the pieces
  2: Assemble the wood Pieces
  3: Finishing and attaching to railings
  4: Decorate Deck or Patio with Flower Boxes
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Build Flower-Pot Holder - Make a flower box - Making Flower boxes


Cedar Planter / Flower Boxes
( Gardening Plans )


Assembling wood pieces:

To begin assembly, start from the bottom.



Homesteading Container gardening ideas - Flower box - Window boxes - Wooden Planter

Planter - Flower Boxes
( Free DIY Plan )

Assembling wood pieces:

The ends of the flower box will be attached to the bottom of the box.


Railing Flower Boxes - WoodWorking project plans - Wood flower box

Window Boxes
( Container Garden )

Assembling wood pieces:


Spreading the glue on the two parts.


How to build Window boxes Plan - Window Boxes - Galvanized finishing nails

Cedar Window Boxes
( Making Flower box)

Assembling wood pieces:


Galvanized finishing nails
2" (5 cm).


Porter Cable Compressor - Making Planter Box - Self Sufficient DIY Projects

Build Flower Boxes
( Self Sufficient DIY Projects )

Assembling wood pieces:

Using a 150 PSI air compressor to operate the nail gun.


Assembling Flower boxes for Warp-around deck - Do it yourself Planter Box

Cedar Planter
( Homesteading Projects )

Assembling wood pieces:


Nail the end at the bottom of the flower box.


Railing Flower Box Ideas - Potting and Flower box - Plant Pots - Garden Pots

Wooden Flower Boxes
( Potting - Planter Boxes)

Assembling wood pieces:


Carpenter's glue to attach the pieces of wood.


Over the railing flower box - Build Cedar Planters for Wrap-around deck - Railing Flower Box

Window Boxes
( DIY Planter Box)

Assembling wood pieces:

The sides are now set.


How to build Lattice Window Box - Window Boxes - Cedar Window Boxes

Cedar Planter / Flower Boxes
( For Balcony )

Assembling wood pieces:

Before attaching the front of the planter, use a set square.

Angle of the bottom and the side = 90 degrees.



Building flower boxes Guide - Hanging Planter - Custom Window Boxes

Cedar Planter / Flower Boxes
( Woodworking Projects )

Assembling wood pieces:


Select the front and back boards of the flower box before fixing.



Window Box Design - DIY Plan Planter Flower box Window box

Cedar Flower Boxes
( Window Box Designs )

Assembling wood pieces:


Spread glue on the edges sides and bottom.


Container Gardening - How to build a window box - Homesteading projects plans

Cedar Planter
( Container Gardening )

Assembling wood pieces:

Glue the piece of cedar wood and nail with nail gun.


Container Garden Design - Flower boxes - Flower-Pot Holder idea

Planter - Flower Boxes
( Build Flower-Pot Holder )

Assembling wood pieces:


2 pieces for front and 2 pieces for the back of the flower box.

Apply glue between the two pieces.


Woodenm Flower-Pot holder for plasic flower boxes - Garden Planter Box - Flower Box Plan

Window Boxes
( Flower-Pot Holder )

Assembling wood pieces:

Front of the flower box done !


Build a Flower-Pot holder - Lattice Flower boxes kit

Wooden Planter
( Container Gardening )

Assembling wood pieces:


Do the same thing with the back side.


Wooden Flower-pot holder building Guide - Build wood Flower Box - Container Gardening Ideas

Wood Flower Boxes
( Container Gardening )

Assembling wood pieces:

Assembly is complete !




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