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Ramial Chipped Wood - Wood Chip Mulch
( Wood Chippers and Delivery by Pruners )



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  Building Steps
  1: The chipped tree material to make RCW
  2: Wood Chippers and delivery by pruners
  3: Making a cardboard flower bed
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There are two ways for the ramial chipped wood to his garden:

1- Using a personal chipper shredder or hire;

2- Request for pruners to deliver the contents of their truck.

I will discuss two possibilities here !




1. The chipper / shredder

Ramial chipped wood (RCW) - Bear Cat Chippers and Delivery by Pruners

Making Organic Mulch with Chippers
Chipped branch-wood

Chippers and delivery by pruners

Home shredder can be used to make RCW.
Here, a model Bear Cat.


When you buying a shredder: 3 inch chipper at least.

After the pruning trees, the branches are ready for shredding.


Making ramial chipped wood - The branches are crushed into the chipper - Pruning tree

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
Building healthy soil

Wood chippers and delivery by pruners

The branches are crushed into the shredder.

This is the step of the fragmentation of the raw material.


Follow safety rules when using the chipper.


Wood chips - Permaculture - Regenerating soil - Soil development - Ramial chipped wood (RCW)

Making Organic Mulch
Organic Garden

Wood Chippers and delivery by pruners

Wheelbarrow containing RCW birch branches.

Wood milling !

The ramial chipped branches will be used like fertilizer (Nitrogen).
(soil amendments)


2. The pruners and the ramial chipped wood. (coming soon)
Pruning - Pruners - Pruning residues



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