How to build a plastic pond - Water Garden - Winterizing De-icer - Firestone EPDM Pond Liner kit - Geotextile fabric - Pond pump

How to build a Pond or Water Garden - The Plan
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  Building Steps
  1: How to Mark the outline and dig a Pond
  2: Geotextile fabric and Pond Liner installation
  3: Fill the Backyard Pond for the first time
  4: Edging the Water Garden with flagstones
  5: Aquatic Garden Landscaping Design Ideas
  6: Planting and growing Water Plants coming soon
  7: How to make a Pond De-Icer - Winterizing
  8: Garden Pond supplies - Filters Pumps ideas
  9: Fish care and fauna coming soon
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How to install EPDM Pond Liner - Geotextile fabric - How to build a Water Garden


Koi pond / The Water Garden

Geotextile fabric and Firestone EPDM Pond liner:

Roll EPDM Pond liner 1.14 mm (.045") (below)
and geotextile fabric (protect EPDM liner) roll (on top).




How to install Pond Fabric - EPDM Pond liner - How to build a small Pond - Plastic Pond

Koi pond / The Water Garden

Geotextile fabric and EPDM Firestone Pond liner:

Installation of the first layer of geotextile (in direct contact with the ground). Wood logs hold the layer in place in anticipation of the wind.




Installing EPDM Pond liner - Pond Fabric - EPDM Pond Liner - The Water Garden DIY

Koi Pond / The Water Garden

Fabric and Firestone EPDM Pond liner:

Unroll Firestone EPDM pond liner membrane
(synthetic rubber liner made of ethylene propylene diene monomer).




Cheap EPDM Pond Liner - How to install Pond Liner - Do it yourself - Firestone liner

Fish pond / The Water Garden

Geotextile fabric and EPDM Pond liner (Firestone supplier):

Using a neighbor is essential considering the size of the pond liner.



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