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How to Make a Gravel Path
( Garden Pathway Design Ideas )



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  Building Steps
  1: Pathway fondations and gravel
  2: Install the geotextile fabric
  3: Set Path Logs borders and stone dust
  4: Use Plate tamper - Finishing and outcome
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Build a Gravel Garden Path at
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In the summer of 2011, I decided to build garden paths or stone dust walkway in the garden.

Goal being: To give a natural look to the garden trails and allow better circulation on the yard.

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Small Garden path - Garden Walkway - Garden Pathway - Build Pathways

Garden Path
( Landscaping )

Preparation and gravel:

Remove the grass according the total width of the path.

Edge #1 + path + edge #2 = width of material to be removed or lawn.

The trail here:

8" + 54" + 8" = 70" or 178 cm.


Landscaping Garden paths - Garden Path model - Garden Path Ideas - Garden walkways ideas

Create a Garden Path
( Stone dust Path )

Digging and gravel:

Use gravel 0-3/4" as material for the bottom of the trail.


Affordable garden path - Build garden trails - Build stone dust trails - Build stone dust walkway

Garden Path
( Garden Path Model )

Fondations and gravel:


Wheelbarrow loads
of 0-3/4" gravel.


Curved path give the garden a depth effect even for small yard.


Landscaping with garden paths - How to build a cheap garden path - Curved Walkway

Cheap Garden Path Idea
( Pathways )

Digging and crushed rocks:


Don't put 0-3/4" gravel where the logs will be filed the edges of the trail.


Garden paths yard - Garden Path Materials - Make Garden Path - Path for cheap - Garden path construction

Garden Path
( Curved Trails )

Cheap garden path materials:


The length of the garden path presented: 200 feet or 61 meters.


Build a garden pathway - Garden Paths pictures - Walkway Pictures - Crushed Rocks Path

Crushed Stone Path
( Build walkway for cheap )

Preparation and gravel:


Using a gas compactor or Plate Tamper.


Plate Tamper Compactor - Vibring Compactor for garden path building - Building Garden Path

Garden Path
( Landscaping Path )

Preparation and gravel:


The trail begins to take shape. Gravel, 0-3/4" being compacted can proceed with the installation of the landscape geotextile.


Using a plate tamper compactor.


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