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Build a Plastic Greenhouse - Plans
( The Polyethylene material - Greenhouse covering )



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  Building Steps
  1: Install ground anchors
  2: Attach the greenhouse base to anchors
  3: Install the side walls structure
  4: Build front and rear frame
  5: Frame a Greenhouse Roof
  6: Install the polyethylene plastic film
  7: Exterior Greenhouse Design
  8: Interior Greenhouse Design
  9: Shelves - Grow Boxes - Sink Potting Bench
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Greenhouse polyethylene film - Install greenhouse plastic cover

Plastic Greenhouse

How to install polyethylene


Polyethylene film

We are ready for the installation of plastic (tarp) polyethylene.

Note: I suggest you get help from a friend to complete this step.

Purchase and Warranty: I bought my roll of polyethylene from a Farmer Cooperative.
I bought the medium quality
( 4 micrometer thickness).

5 years warranty.


Roll of greenhouse plastic wrap - Greenhouse polyethylene film - Tips to install greenhouse covering

Greenhouse Film Installation
How to install polyethylene

Polyethylene film


Technical installation of the roll of plastic wrap.


Greenhouse polyethylene film - Roll of polyethylene - Polycarbonate walls panels

Greenhouse Covering material
How to install polyethylene

Polyethylene film

Unroll the polyethylene film gently to avoid tearing.

Tip: install at a time when there is no wind.

On your right, my creek !


Plastic Greenhouses - Polyethylene film - Greenhouse building covering materials

Plastic Greenhouse
Greenhouse covering material

Polyethylene film

Screw the 1" x 3" above the polyethylene film to hold it in place.

Note: Avoid nails.


Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Plastic Greenhouse polyethylene film

Plastic Greenhouse
How to install polyethylene

Polyethylene film

For openings must pass the polyethylene film not on as if they did not exist.

Thereafter, go around the opening with 1" X 3" screwed  and cut with a utility knife inside.


Greenhouse polyethylene film - Greenhouse plastic installation - Greenhouse covering

Poly Film for Greenhouses
How to install plastic film

Polyethylene film

To get it into the plastic, provide a surplus in the bottom of the wall and rotate around a 1" X 3" (like a roller. Then fix the 1" X 3" at the bottom of the greenhouse by means of screw 3".

Note: During high winds, there is a lot of pressure on the polyethylene film. This is why I recommend screwing down the screws with a minimum of 3". Otherwise any tear.


How to install polyethylene film on the Greenhouse frame - Greenhouse covering - Poly Films Greenhouses

Plastic Greenhouse
How to install polyethylene film

Polyethylene film


Be careful with sharp joints, especially the roof. They could rip your plastic sheet. A good sanding pieces of wood helps prevent everything.

Polyethylene is a good material for Lean Greenhouse or attached greenhouse too.

Purchasing greenhouse ? Why when you can build your own greenhouse !


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