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Build a Deck and Gallery - The free Plans
( How to build a Wrap-around Deck or Verandah )



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  Building Steps
  1: Demolition / Installing treated ledger board
  2: Screw Piles and Install Posts
  3: Deck framing - The joists installation
  4: Install deck flooring
  5: Deck Railings and Balusters
  6: Finishing / Victorian style wrap-around deck
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Deck Screw Piles - Build a treated Wood Deck - Patio - Terrace and Wrap-around Porch Plan

Build a deck
(Wooden deck / patio / terrace)


Screw piles:

For a solid deck for counteract the effects of frost, install steel piles equipped with helical blade.

Vistech company did the work.


Deck Screw Piles - Deck Building Plan - How to build a deck

Build a deck
(Wooden deck / patio / terrace)

Screw piles:

You can see, here, the piles under the deck. They support 6" X 6" posts (15 cm X 15 cm).

It will be a wrap-around deck. It will have an angle of 90 degrees (side and front of the house)

 9' (2,74 meters) between the posts.


Screw pile Supporting head (Vistech) - Home Deck Plan project

Build a deck
(Wooden deck / patio / terrace)

Screw piles:

Supporting head whose height can be adjusted by rotating the hexagonal bolt.

Very convenient to fit !



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