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How to build a Garden Creek
( The Cascading Creek - A realistic Water Feature)



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  Building Steps
  1: Making a Pond discharge with flagstones
  2: Planning and digging a artificial creek
  3: Installing geotextile and EPDM Pond liner
  4: Put the river gravel and stones
  5: Small Stream Waterfall
  6: Landscaping Creek banks
  7: Naturalization and finishing
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Build a Garden Creek Pond at Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes

In the summer of 2006, I set a goal to start the 200 feet creek. This will allow the pond to pour into the stream / creek.

Objective: Build a natural filter for the pond. Water circulation , water aeration, water filtration.

Clear water with aquatic plants !

Build a Stream - Build a Creek


Step # 1: Make the discharge of the pond (The Headwaters)


Build a Backyard Creek - Pond Stream

Creek / The Headwaters
Making a discharge:

Excavation of the pond mouth and the beginning of the stream.





Landscaping a Creek or Stream - Create a Pond Creek

Build a Garden Creek / Water Gardening
Making a discharge:

Early removal of the lawn. A sinuous gives a natural and extent view.





Digging Garden Creek - Water gardening design ideas

Stream / Creek bed
Making a discharge:

In this photo you can see that it will excavate 3 feet planning the mouth that will another nice waterfall.





Build a Pond discharge - Creek Design and Ideas

Cascading Creek / Water Garden Landscaping
Making a discharge:

Wooden structure to support the earth in rain at the mouth.





How to build a Backyard Stream - Creek headwaters

Creek / The Headwaters
Making a discharge:

Bearing cutting into the ground for install the EPDM liner.





Stream picture - Creek picture - The discharge of the Pond

Construct Creek / Tributary of the Pond
Making a discharge:

Realization of a small wooden bridge to the trail and to sit and swing their feet into this waterfall.

To achieve this I mouth buried in the ground the excess liner pond. I then dug up the pond liner to have until early fall.





Flat stones - Bridge over the Creek - Creek under the garden bridge

Stream / Flat Creek Waterfall Stones
Making a discharge:

The bridge and before the fall.





Build a Cascading Creek Stream Waterfall - Cascades Landscaping - Gargoyle

Creek / Build Waterfall with flat stones
Making a discharge:

A flat stone Advanced play the role of a gargoyle.





The Creek Bed - Dry Creek building

Creek / Water Gardens
Making a discharge:

For the slope at the beginning of the stream. Photo took on Spring 2007.




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