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How to build a Cold Room in your Home Basement
( Home Storage Ideas - Do it yourself Plan )




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  Building Steps
  1: Establish area / Frame / Ventilation system
  2: Build Mobile Food Storage Shelves
  3: Build the Kitchen vegetable bins
  4: Storage Design Idea - Tips and finishing
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Step # 2: Installing shelves


Storage shelves - Cold-storage unit - DIY Plan


Cold-storage unit
Installing storage shelves:

Some food in the cold before finishing.

Side walls (except concrete) and roof:

Gypsum, insulation, vapor barriers, interior finishing.





Build storage shelves for Cold Room - Canning Shelves

Home Storage Ideas
Installing storage shelves:

Prior to the completion of tablets (storage shelves), make sure you measure the height of objects that you are going to drop.





Build Canning Shelves - DIY PLan

For Canned Foods

Installing storage shelves:

Materials used for the storage shelves of the cold:

Planks 2 " X  3" piece of the 1 " X  3" for tablets.





Canning Storage - Build Food Storage Shelves - Cold Storage Unit

Cold-storage unit
Installing canning shelves:

Space the boards of your canning shelves.

Always start with lower storage shelves.

Use of a nailer pressure and finishing nails of two inches (2 ")





Cold Storage Warehouses - Walk-In Cold Room Plan

Cold storage Room
Installing food storage shelves:

Maximizing space in the cold room.





How to build canning shelves for Cold-Storage Unit

Canning Shelves

Installing storage shelves:

Structure 2" X 3" is screwed. If the wood tends to crack, puncture before screwing.





Home Storage Ideas - Build a Cold Room - Cold Room Design

Cold Storage Warehouse
Installing storage shelves:

More than 200 pieces of 8 '1 "X 3" were needed to produce tablets of the cold.





Canning Room - How to build canning Room - DIY Plan

Cold Canning Room Design
Installing storage shelves:

The addition of a thermometer in the cold-storage unit is essential.





Canning Room - Canning Shelves - For canned foods

Cold Room - For canned foods
Installing storage shelves:

The canning is always welcome !





Cold-Storage Unit in Home Basement - The Free building Plan

Cold Room
Installing storage shelves:

A Cold storage room adds value to your property. Its a nice homesteading project !





Building storage shelves - Cold-Storage Unit - Homesteading projects

Walk In Cold Room
Installing storage shelves:

The cold frees the kitchen of your containers !







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