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Arch Backyard Pond Bridge
( How to build a Arched Garden Bridge )



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  Building Steps
  1: Build the wood arches or stringers
  2: Installing the bridge arches
  3: Attaching the pillars or posts
  4: Building the garden bridge deck
  5: Installing the bars railings
  6: Fixing the handrails railings
  7: Build the backyard bridge entrances
  8: Landscaping and outcome
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Build Pond Bridge - Build Garden Bridge

In the summer 2012, I plan to build a wooden arch bridge.

22 feet long to cross my stream.

The creek separates my land by 200 feet long. Around its banks to reach the other side of the creek was not easy.

I did not find anything on the internet to help me. So, I share my project with you.



Build Arches for Garden Pond Bridge - Garden Bridge - Making Curved Structure

Arched Pond Bridge
( Wood Bridge )

Build the arches

Recovery beams roof trusses.
Length 8'.


Garden Bridge - How ti Build the Arches for Pond Bridge

Arched Pond Bridge
( Wooden Bridge )

Build the arches

To the shape of the curve
using a small wooden board 12'
1" X 3" spruce. The board is easily foldable, it can be stabilized with screws.



Arched Pond Bridge - Garden bridge - Water Gardening design ideas

Arched Pond Bridge
( Garden Bridge )

Build the arches

The board that serves as a template to trace the curve of our beam.
Top view.


Drawing the arch - Stream Biridge - River Bridge - Build your own Pond Bridge

Arched Pond Bridge
( Drawing the arch )

Build the arches

The curve is drawn with a carpenter's pencil, we are now ready for sawing.


Build Wooden Water Garden Bridge - Pond Bridge Building Plans

Arched Pond Bridge
( Wooden Bridge )

Build the arches

Sawing beams with a bandsaw Industrial considering the thickness of the beams. For this step with another person was needed.

In total, I have 4 curved beams that will be used in the structure of the bridge deck.


Building the stringers - Build Japanese Bridge - Landscape Bridge - Backyard Bridge for sale


Arched Pond Bridge
( Building the stringers )

Build the arches

To which a beam sawn give the arched bridge.


How to build a Bridge for your Pond - Water Gardening Supplies for sale

Arched Pond Bridge
( Wood Bridge )

Build the arches

Must keep the other part of the beam.


DIY Stream Bridge - DIY Pond Bridge - DIY Water Garden Bridge - Creek Bridge

Arched Pond Bridge
( Wooden Bridge )

Build the arches

Assembling the part sawn.

We have a perfect arch
for the construction of the wooden bridge !


How to build a Arched Japanese Bridge - Garden Bridges for sale

Arched Pond Bridge
( Japanese Bridge )

Build the arches

Sandblasting of parts to remove imperfections logs during cutting.


Free Pond Bridge Plans - Build arches for arched bridge - Custom wood bridge

Arched Pond Bridge
( Free Bridge Plan )

Build the arches

Gluing and screwing the two parts.


Build a Bridge for your Garden - Bridge Woodworking project Plan - Bridge over a creek

Arched Pond Bridge
( Water Gardening Ideas )

Build the arches

Stain parts with preservative or protective timber.

The four beams arches are ready for installation.

Note: beams 10', 2" X 12" could also be used.


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